Your home holds hundreds of special memories and you’ve truly enjoyed your time here, but the family has grown, and it is time to make a change.  After some careful deliberation, you’ve decided to put the house on the market and move to a larger space that can better accommodate the family’s growing needs.  It has been years since you’ve been through the house selling process and you’re not exactly sure where to start.

If selling a residential property, there are a few tried and true basics that typically contribute to making the house selling experience an enormous success.  Here are four selling tips for Houston homes that should give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to selling the house and getting a good return on your investment.


Regardless of which Houston neighborhood you live in, a few things consistently hold true when it comes time to sell your house.  It is important to enter into the process with an open mind and embrace some basic changes that can make the journey more efficient.  Here are four selling tips for Houston homes:

1. Enlist A Realtor

If you have a clogged pipe you call a plumber.  Why?  Because plumbers know pipes better than anybody else.  So, it only makes sense that if you have a house to sell, you call a realtor because nobody knows houses better.  It is estimated that almost ninety percent of all house sales are conducted by a real estate agent.  For the best results, enlist the help of a trusted realtor.

Realtors can help you determine what houses, similar to yours, are selling for in the area, and how you can compete with them.  Sometimes the best way to get started is to let your realtor go through your home room by room to discuss any repairs or changes that need to be made before putting the house on the market.

By working with a realtor who has an established success record and your best interest at heart, it demystifies the selling process while ensuring a more enjoyable journey along the way.

2. Get Sale Ready 

Chances are that your house looks lived in and well loved.  While those are often hallmarks of a happy home, they do not always translate that way to prospective buyers.  There are some simple indoor and outdoor action items you can tackle that will give your house a bright and freshened up look that buyers love.

For the inside of the home, it is best to make sure all major appliances are in good working order and do not need replacing.  It is a good idea to have the air conditioner and heater checked to address any problems before a house inspector finds them.  One of the things that provides the biggest impact for a home is a fresh new coat of paint in a neutral color, such as a light gray or soft beige.  As you paint, plan to fill in nail holes and leave the newly painted walls bare, which can give the illusion of a space being bigger than it really is.  Cleaning the windows on the inside is crucial as the windows are often considered to be the eyes of a home.  Make sure the blinds, curtains, and any other window décor are also clean and set to let the maximum amount of light in.  Lastly, think about hiring a professional home cleaner to make the kitchen, bathroom, and everywhere in between sparkle.

Once the home’s interior is polished, train a careful eye on the space and declutter, declutter, declutter.  One of the ways a buyer is able to see a space as their own is if it is spacious and roomy.  While your son may love his Lego collection, displaying them out in his room could turn a potential buyer away if it makes the room look too cluttered for their taste.  Declutter doesn’t just apply to toys, either.  Look at each piece of furniture and the closets to see if something needs to be temporarily relocated to a storage space while the house is on the market.

The curb appeal of the house is the very first thing potential buyers notice and is perhaps the most important in forming a bond with the property.  Start at the top and work your way down.  Make sure the roof is in good shape and does not require any repairs.  Have the outside of the windows washed as well so that they easily sparkle and reflect the daylight.  Give special consideration to the front door area.  Make sure the front porch is well swept, a new and clean welcome mat is in place, and maybe a few colorful flowers in pots on either side of the door.  Keep the lawn well-manicured with regular mowing and edging and be sure to power wash the driveway.  It is always a nice touch to make sure the address numbers are clearly labeled from the street.

When ready to test out your home’s curb appeal, take a spin around the neighborhood and then come back to your house.  Does it stand out as especially well-kept and pleasing to the eye?  Think about if the changes you’ve made would help entice a potential buyer inside to see the rest of the house.

3. Timing 

The third of four selling tips for Houston homes is timing.  Timing seems like such a small thing, but it can make a huge difference.  A reputable realtor should be able to help you sell your home at any time of the year.  That said, a good realtor will also tell you that the selling market for houses usually peaks in the months of April, May, and June.  People who move typically begin looking for houses just before the summer begins so that they can move over the break.

4. Staging

The last part of the four selling tips for Houston homes is perhaps one of the most important.  Although all the cleaning, updates, and fine tuning you have done thus far are essential to making the house more attractive to potential buyers, properly staging the home is the one that can clinch the deal.

As soon as you get close to putting the house on the market, talk to your realtor about staging the home.  One of the keys to properly staging a home is to remove the personal touches such as picture frames and wall hangings, so that prospective buyers can envision the space as their own.

In addition to this, realtors frequently encourage additional small touches that enhance the buyers’ experience. Placing several vases of fresh flowers throughout the home can both entice the eye and give off a lovely perfume.  The smell of brownies or cookies baking in the oven can evoke a sweet memory from childhood and can also help cover up the smell of last night’s fish dinner.  Consider purchasing a few bright pillows, extra cozy throws, and a couple of soft fluffy bath towels to have out in the appropriate rooms.  All these things come together to make a buyer feel right at home.

While it may take a few additional minutes to get ready for potential buyers before they arrive to tour the home, be sure the house looks its best by picking up any clutter, turning on all the lights, and opening all the drapes and blinds.

By using these four selling tips for Houston homes, your house will sell more quickly and you can begin a fresh start in a new home.