What are Good Improvements to Make Before You Sell Your House?

It is estimated that more than ninety percent of all house sales are facilitated by a real estate agent.  On average, houses sold with the suggested improvements and help of a real estate agent stay on the market for a month or less before quickly selling.  With odds like these, house improvements for selling can be a game changer if you know which ones to implement and which ones to skip. To ensure a successful home property sale, the best place to start is at the beginning.  When preparing to put a house on the market, basic appliances such asRead more

What Are Off Market Houses?

What Are Off Market Houses?
The real estate market is ever changing in the United States, but the buying and selling of residential property is a constant.  There are typically two kinds of residential properties in real estate, those that are listed and those that are not.  Surprisingly, both kinds of properties can result in a sale that benefits the buyer and seller.  While the unlisted properties, often referred to as off market houses, may be harder to find, by partnering with a realtor, the benefits can far outweigh the leg work. What are off market houses? Off market houses are exactly as the nameRead more

Top Four Selling Tips for Houston Homes

Your home holds hundreds of special memories and you’ve truly enjoyed your time here, but the family has grown, and it is time to make a change.  After some careful deliberation, you’ve decided to put the house on the market and move to a larger space that can better accommodate the family’s growing needs.  It has been years since you’ve been through the house selling process and you’re not exactly sure where to start. If selling a residential property, there are a few tried and true basics that typically contribute to making the house selling experience an enormous success.  HereRead more

How To Get Ready For The Spring Selling Season

Putting a home on the market is a big step, but one that can be easily achieved by breaking it up into smaller and more attainable goals.  Deciding to sell is the first and perhaps hardest decision to make.  But if you’ve already decided to sell your house, you can go ahead and check that item off the list.  The next step is deciding when to put the house on the market.  To sell your house quickly and at the best price, timing is everything. Whether you are hoping to sell a house in Greater Houston or the suburbs ofRead more